Monday, July 12, 2010

My First Snowmen for 2010.

It truly is Christmas in July. I got all 21 of these guys finished yesterday. I couldn't decided between the tan dyed muslin or the white on white w/snowflake fabric, so I did both. These aren't grungy, I sometimes like not to do that. They all have a sprinkle of fine glass glitter, and a hanger on the back.
I need the magic computer fairy to get them listed on Etsy, and my Website. Let me know where she is if you find her.

I can't help it! Everytime I upload pictures from my camera, there's a new Charley picture.  My Daughter, Kate is always snapping his picture! He's one spoiled rotten kitty, napping on a floor pillow.
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  1. Pat, I love the snowmen! If you find that magic
    fairy send her my way! I am tired right now I could join that Charley on the floor pillow too!

  2. Your work is the best! I needed these darling, cold guys to remind me it's only 108 degrees here in the desert this week! :-) Charley and I could do some good nap taking (under a fan, of course)!

  3. Pat your little snowdudes are wonderful! You really do some great handmades. I really need to get back to my sewing again, too. I miss all you girls! I really need to pop into the groups to say hi. :0)