Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My new/old farm table.

This past winter I went a little crazy.  I was sick and tired of my Oak dining room set.  I felt like a spoiled child.  It was 13 years old, Amish made and a very nice set!  It just wasn't me.  Everything matched, and the table was a bit large for the room.  I always wanted an old farm table, and mis matched pieces to go with my 1800's home. 
 I put my whole set for sale on eBay and it quickly sold to a lovely family from PA. 
With an empty dining room and money in hand, I was ready to shop.
I found a jelly cupboard and and  beautiful corner cabinet at my favorite antique store. 

My husband bought this old pie safe from a good friend for only $100.00!  He had to remove the top gray coat of paint and make some repairs.  I love the old milk paint that was underneath.

This bucket bench was sitting in our basement for years and years.  I never knew what it was until I saw a similar one for over a thousand dollars at the shop where we bought the two cabinets.  My husband cleaned it up and here it is!  It's so primitive and crude, just how I like about it.

Last but not least, I searched high and low for a farm table.  Naturally, the one that suited me best was way out of my budget.  I kept looking, and looking.  Finally my Husband said he was going to make one for me. I was very skeptical.  He had a very old walnut table base that he said he wanted to use.  He neede to extend it, and raise the legs a bit.  He added a top made from wood cut down here on our farm. (Himalayan Pine)

I'm very pleased with it.  We already had the antique chairs.   The rug is new.
What a difference from the all OAK dining room.  I can't wait to decorate for Christmas! LOL...
Thanks for taking my new/old dining room tour.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Blast from the Past!

Today is my 35th wedding Anniversary.  I can't believe I've been married that long.  I feel like I'm only 35 years old.  I'm being very brave posting these pictures.  Remember,  This was 1976 the bicentennial year.  OMG!!!  Look at the long haired groom and groomsmen!  He wears his hair buzz cut now! LOL... I was only 19 and he 21.  It's a miracle we stuck  it out this long, and raised 4 children.  Weve been through alot in 35 years.  I plan on celebrating 60 someday. 
The family is coming here for a BBQ.  I didn't want to go out since, I leave Sat. for my two weeks vacation at the shore.  We plan on going out for a nice dinner to celebrate then.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A new way to dry your prims, and some new ornies finished.

It was 99 degrees here today. The humidity made is so much worse. Not fit for man nor beast.  I decided to not turn on the oven to dry my labels.  I put them on the trunk of my car out in the sun.  It was as hot as the oven, and they dried pronto! Don't forget the rocks for weight if it's windy.
I finally finished up some fall ornies.  These will be up on Etsy by tomorrow.  This is my Prim Sunflower crock fillers.  I made them to fit a shoe box to keep shipping down.   If you need them taller,
just add a shopping bag scrunched up in the bottom of your crock.

I love how these turned out.  I made 17.  Odd number, I know! Don't ask me why? I'm funny about
making even numbers! LOL....
Next up are my witch fingers.  I designed the tag.  The fingers are my take on a pattern by
Threadbare primitives.

Arent they a hoot!  The tag reads "Ding-dong, the wicked witch is dead".
This is my take on a Candy corn pattern by Homespun hugs and calico kisses.

It's not halloween without candy corn!
Thanks for peeking, and keep cool.

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Friends Swap photo.

I recently took part in  friends swap with some wonderful girls in my eBay group PLOA.  I received this lovely handcrafted purse from Fran.   She added some sewing needles to the little pouch tucked inside.
Thanks Fran!  I love the purse.  Fran is also a very talented quilter.  Please click here to visit her selling blog.