Thursday, March 29, 2012

We are slowly moving along, a new doll and a Birthday girl.

The bathroom project is turning out to be truly a project. Oh my!! The walls are up and the floor is in.  I'm waiting on the tile guys to come back to put the subway tile on the bottom 48" of the walls. In the mean time, we decided to finish sanding and start painting. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel.  LOL..

Last week we celebrated Ava's third birthday.  I can't believe how fast my sweet granddaughters are growing.  Ava and Grace just love their Auntie Kate.

I just finished three of these dolls.  One is up for sale in my Etsy shop.  I gave the other two to Ava and Grace. I made them with hair colors like the girls, and holding their favorite flavors of ice cream. They turned out so cute!

I used a sweet meadows farm pattern to make her.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bathroom update and a few new listings

It's been busy hear on the Farm.  My new bathroom is coming along.  I never thought it would take so longs, but realize it's good to sometimes be naive, or nothing would ever get done.
We have all the plumbing set to go, and the new shower is in minus the glass doors for obvious reasons.
The sub floor is down and the tile man is coming in the morning to put the next layer down that the tile will go on. The drywall is almost up but still needs to be taped and joint compound applied.  I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  It will be awesome.  I may want to just move in and sleep in the new tub. LOL...
This week between sweeping, dusting, and sweeping some more,  I got on a heart bowl filler kick.  I still have several more in my head that I need to get made, but it's been fun sifting through my fabric stash and coming up with more ideas. 
Here are some photo's of the bathroom and the hearts. (What a combination!!)

 The new shower, and plumbing.  I know the plumbing doesn't look like much, but to me it's alot!! The last photo is where the claw foot bath tub is going.  Yippee!!

The new hearts all listed in the etsy shop.
Happy St. Paddy's day everyone!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Two new Etsy shops you must visit.

I have two very talented friends with brand new Etsy shops.  One is Chris from The Antique Pallet.
Chris makes beautiful jewelry and is also a very talented folk art painter.  My Daughter and I are the lucky owners of some of her pieces. Here is a beautiful key necklace made by Chris.
Pam is a local NJ lady who makes beautiful floral wreaths.  Pam's shop is called Firefly Gardens by Pam.  This is one of my favorite wreaths in her shop.  I always seem to pick red!

I'm still under construction in the new bathroom.  The shower is going in today which makes me a very happy lady. Schlepping to my Father's house for a bath is getting very old. I'll post some updated photos soon.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oh Boy, I'ts been a while but I have a good excuse.

My Hubby, along with some contractors are enlarging and making me a brand new bathroom.  It's been fun picking out the vanity, lights, etc. along with my new claw foot tub.  I can hardly stand it!
We are tripling the size of the bathroom.  We sacrificed a small bedroom for a large closet in the connecting bedroom and the bathroom expansion.
There are some not so fun happenings with remodeling an 1864 home. The last two weeks I have persevered tearing out, along with the noise, dust, dust, and more dust. A hole in my living room ceiling from the plumbing leak, no hot water for 24 hours, then the washer broke.  (this was all today! UGH!).
Now, I don't have a shower/bathtub for several days.  I'm thankful that This Old House has a half bath, along with this full bath, or I would not survive.
When it was built, there were only out houses.   Heaven help me!!!
Here are some pictures of what I'm up against.
Behind this sink is the new expansion. 
This is after the sink was taken out.  We still had the lonely Tub/shower.
Now the tub is gone.
The tub was on the left.

Yeah! Some new walls going up!!!  Tomorrow the new shower is due to arrive.  It will go where the old bathtub was.  The claw foot bath tub is going along this back wall.
I'll keep updating, for those that like remodels.  I hope this is my last major redo.  We've done so much to "This Old House".