Monday, January 30, 2012

Not sure if she's a goose or a duck

I just made three of these cutie pies.  I think she was intended to be a duck.  She reminds me more of a goose, so that's what I'm calling her.
Thanks to Vermont Harvest folk art for the pattern design. 
You can  find her in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Family fun with some hand dids thrown in.

Our family had two birthday celebrations this week.  To make an adult birthday party fun for the little granddaughters, I bought balloons.  Needless to say, I think the big kids had as much fun as the little ones!

My next photo is a dragon pull toy that my 83 year old father made for my granddaughters. When the dragon is pulled the wings and tail go up and down and the mouth opens and closes.  It's amazing!
He is such a talented woodworker. 

My latest listing on Etsy.  I made this bunny Momma and children using a blue moon beginnings pattern.

Last but not least, a photo that I found on my camera.   It's so wonderful to be loved! LOL...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back in action

Geesh! Where did the time go?  After a lovely Christmas and long break I'm back to sewing.
It took me a while to regroup.  I think I had a bad case of burnout.  I'm very thankful to all my awesome customers and for all the Christmas orders, but was ready to take some time off.
I've decided to skip over Valentines day and move right on to Easter and Spring crafting.
I made this Angel in December, but never got her listed.  She's finally in my Etsy shop.
I used a pattern by Bittersweet folk art to make her.
I've been keeping up with all your blogs, and hope to do more posting here.  Happy belated New Year!!