Monday, May 16, 2011

My little Heaven

I'm still spending 20 hours a day caring for my Parents.  Dad is recovering well and I hope to be back home soon. I haven't been able to craft or post pictures so I thougth I would share some pictures of my porch.
Yesterday I took Mom and Dad with me, so I could have my normal Sunday at home which includes my whole family for dinner, and catching up.
When I arrived, I found that my Husband and youngest Daughter were cleaning up the porch.  It's my favorite place on earth.  I always look forward to Spring and porch sitting time.
The tree pollen has been horrible, so it just got a light cleaning.  Once the pollen is finished, the power washer comes out for a serious cleaning, along with some decorating.
Here are some picutres of my "Heaven".

I call this the dining room.  We eat every meal there weather permitting.  The vintage kitchen table is my favorite. I love the design at each end.  The black ice cream parlor chairs are new.  I found the cabinet at a yard sale.

The other end is the so called living room.  The chairs are my favorite.  They along with the two tables were my Husbands Grandparents, bought in 1930. 
Thanks for looking at my little piece of Heaven. Come sit a spell!