Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I did with some of those candy canes

 I collect these old glass canister jars at thrift shops, yard sales etc.  I fill them with the candy canes and add the label designed by Susie at Yankee lane primitives, a tie and some mica.  They have alway sold well for me in the past.  I have a very old canister that I may just have to keep for myself.
I also put a rusty bell and safety pin on some, and packaged as bowl fillers.  These are going to my Craft show on Saturday.  If they don't sell there, I'll put them on Etsy.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some Candy cane suggestions

I made this huge box full of candy canes. There are at least 40.    I need your suggestions for how/what to do with them.  I have some ideas, that  I'll be posting pictures of soon.  Let me know what you would do.
Hugs,  Pat

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Frosty Snowman and Top hats

Just finished 8 frosty snowmen and 10 top hats.  I'm cranking it out for the show and stores.  Local people, the Dutch Neck show is on Oct. 2.  Come and visit, it's always a fun day with crafters and good eats.  I can't wait for the kettle corn popcorn!!!

The snowman is a Wooden nail pattern, and the top hat is Country Whims. 
They both will be listed on Etsy and my website for you not so local peeps.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Primitive rusty can tutorial

I came up with an easy, quick, less messy way to make my tin cans look rusty. This method is much easier than using mod podge and cinnamon. They are done in no time at all.
 There are so many uses for these in primitive crafting. Mine are going to have a grungy label on the front, and a prim Christmas tree placed inside with moss. 
Here goes:
You will need a can of satin cinnamon color spray paint, and a can of rustoleum texture paint. I purchase these at Walmart and Michaels arts and crafts store.
I have to laugh! The can says "stops rust", and I'm wanting the rust!
Next step.  Spray the cans with the cinnamon color and let dry.  I like to do this outside for obvious reasons.

After the cinnamon color paint dried, I sprayed the texture paint on.  You don't have to be fussy, you want the cinnamon color to show through a bit.  The two colors will look like rust when dry.

Voila! you are done!!!  I was able to paint 20 cans and a large canister lid with one can of the texture paint.  There's plenty of paint left in the other can.
I' m adding labels to mine.  I always pick the side that looks the worse, maybe some lumps and bumps etc., and glue the label on that spot.
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What I'm working on, with a little help from Charley.

I'm working on these little boxes with a lighted, decorated tree, and a snowman.  Charley had to get in on the act, the little nib nose.
I also got 16 Gingerbread men coated with my special sauce, and sun dried today.

They still need to be decorated with a bow etc.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pretty pin cushion trio tutorial

I found this very nice pin cushion tutorial over at
visit  for the directions.

Monday, September 6, 2010

An easy, fast Halloween project, and Happy First Anniversary Jared and Pam

I wanted to share this Witch Spell Book that I designed with the help of Susie, from Yankee Lane Primitives.
Last year I got this idea, and Susie helped me by making the labels.  I sold them in a local shop, and at my one and only craft show.  I was out of them w/in a few hours of the craft show start. They were such a big  seller, that I just finished over thirty to get me started this season.
I collected old books from yard sales all year to have enough.  Most books can be bought for less than a quarter.  I paint the inside and outside cover with black paint.  When the front of the cover is still wet, I sprinkle on some cinnamon.  Add the label and tie a grungy cheesecloth around to keep the book closed.

Saturday, was my Son Jared and his wife Pam's first wedding anniversary.
They stopped by Sunday to eat of bite of their cake top, and share a bottle of wine that they bought last year in Greece while honeymooning..  The wine was better than the cake!   They spent the weekend in Philly, eating out, going to the museum, and of course,
The Phillies Game.  Pam's wearing her new shirt!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

*NEW* Pumpkin Pie Pete is ready for Fall

I have Pumpkin Pie Pete listed on Etsy and my website.  I made three, so I'll probably Give one away on eBay, LOL... I'm not very happy with eBay sales lately. 
Pete was made using a Homespun hugs and calico kisses pattern.  I love Vickys' patterns.  They have so much detail. Pete comes with the little pumpkin pie that he entered in the county fair. As you can see, Pete won first prize.  Way to go Pete!

Have a safe and fun Labor day weekend.