Sunday, September 19, 2010

Primitive rusty can tutorial

I came up with an easy, quick, less messy way to make my tin cans look rusty. This method is much easier than using mod podge and cinnamon. They are done in no time at all.
 There are so many uses for these in primitive crafting. Mine are going to have a grungy label on the front, and a prim Christmas tree placed inside with moss. 
Here goes:
You will need a can of satin cinnamon color spray paint, and a can of rustoleum texture paint. I purchase these at Walmart and Michaels arts and crafts store.
I have to laugh! The can says "stops rust", and I'm wanting the rust!
Next step.  Spray the cans with the cinnamon color and let dry.  I like to do this outside for obvious reasons.

After the cinnamon color paint dried, I sprayed the texture paint on.  You don't have to be fussy, you want the cinnamon color to show through a bit.  The two colors will look like rust when dry.

Voila! you are done!!!  I was able to paint 20 cans and a large canister lid with one can of the texture paint.  There's plenty of paint left in the other can.
I' m adding labels to mine.  I always pick the side that looks the worse, maybe some lumps and bumps etc., and glue the label on that spot.
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. 


  1. Wow, that's fantastic! Who knew it could be so easy? Thanks so much for sharing your find. :D

  2. Hey Pat I've used this stuff too and its great. Haven't tried the cinnamon color under it but will, thanks for sharing. Love the way your cans look...

  3. I've used the Rust color Primer,,,with the Rustic Umber Rustoleum texture paint...and they turned out awesome too.I'll have to try the Cinnamon color too. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Hi Pat - Great tutorial. Was wondering if I could talk to you about using it on another blog?

    Can you email me at



  5. Love your blog. I was looking for a rusty can tutorial and came across your site! Adding you to my sidebar. You are more than welcome to come and visit my site as well!

  6. So much easier than rusting with spices... thanks for the tutorial

  7. Does the Textured Paint have a color?

  8. It looked easy enough. I bought both spay paints. Unfortunately the textured paint came out way to heavy on one can and looked a bad muted brown color. Spraying cinnamon to bring color but texture did not work because the satin finish made it glossy again. Funny thing that happened on 1 can, the cinnamon sputtered for a bit and came out looking good. Once the can fixed itself the high satin gloss came back. I was hoping to make lanterns