Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I did with some of those candy canes

 I collect these old glass canister jars at thrift shops, yard sales etc.  I fill them with the candy canes and add the label designed by Susie at Yankee lane primitives, a tie and some mica.  They have alway sold well for me in the past.  I have a very old canister that I may just have to keep for myself.
I also put a rusty bell and safety pin on some, and packaged as bowl fillers.  These are going to my Craft show on Saturday.  If they don't sell there, I'll put them on Etsy.


  1. Oh there so cute.I tried to make some and they kept splitting at the seams.will try again soon.luv yours.have fun at your craft show.blessings michelle

  2. Gotta agree with cute. Hope you sell out.


  3. Great idea! I like that - with the jar. I'm sure you won't have any problem selling them.

  4. Pat, love what you did with the candy canes. I really like the jar and I think I might have to get some of those labels. Hope you sell , sell, sell on Sat

  5. Oh my I love old jars too!!! Yours looks adorable with the canes inside:)

  6. Pat - you've been a busy gal while I've been away. EVERYTHING on here (I went back through all the posts I missed) ROCKS, as always! Good luck with the show this weekend - hope you sell it ALL!

  7. Thanks everyone!
    I went tonight to set up my tent, tables and lattice. All my containers full of stuff are tucked inside.
    Tomorrow, It's unpack set up and hopefully sell, sell, sell.
    This has always been a safe location. At least half the vendors go and set up the night before. It's a good head start so early in the morning.