Friday, June 3, 2011

My Friends Swap photo.

I recently took part in  friends swap with some wonderful girls in my eBay group PLOA.  I received this lovely handcrafted purse from Fran.   She added some sewing needles to the little pouch tucked inside.
Thanks Fran!  I love the purse.  Fran is also a very talented quilter.  Please click here to visit her selling blog.


  1. What a great friend, adorable is this?! You need to go somewhere fun, now...SURE WISH YOU WERE TRAVELING ALONG WITH CHRIS AND JOLEEN TO DENVER, NEXT WEEK - WELL, ONE OF THESE DAYS!

    Hope your folks are doing a bit better now - I know you're putting in long hours...take care, girl! Thoughts are with you...XOXO...Tanya

  2. Hey, Pat - just saw the BEAUTIFUL bunny you did for your swap partner, on her blog, lucky lady. Have a wonderful weekend - Tanya

  3. LOVE your bag, Pat! That's a really neat fabric! Fran does beautiful work!

    Oh...and love all the gingerbread men "hanging out" to dry! hehe! ~~Annie

  4. What a nice bag and yes Tanya is right you need to come out here too!! Oh what fun we would have!!! Start planning girl..
    Love ya