Monday, July 26, 2010

Chicken anyone?

Yesterday, we had a huge family picnic.  The day started out hot as usual.  We were in charge of cooking the deWilde family Chicken.  It's an old family recipe.  We are the third generation that makes this.  The chicken halves are cooked over a homemade pit.  It's not something we do very often.  My husband builds and dismantles this just for the chicken.

Right after this picture was taken, My Son called and told us to get the chicken off now!  A huge storm was coming, and we were in the Red zone for tornados.  The 4 men starting grabbing chicken and throwing it into a big cooler.  The  Storm came so fast, they hardly got it finished.   Then our electric went out.  What a mess!!
We had our picnic and the chicken was delish!  My Nephew, Chas works for the electric co.  He' a lineman.  He found out where the break was and fixed it in time for us to eat w/the lights on.  Chas and Todd were called out for storm duty soon after.  I'm lucky to have my electric.  Thanks Chas!

The reason we were having the picnic is because most of the cousins were in one place at the same time and we wanted a picture.  The first three from the left are mine.  Jared, Brett, and Kate.  My Daugher Erin is fourth in from the right. Sadie the dog belongs to Chas, she loves him can you tell ?

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  1. Hi Pat, Thanks for following my blog. Sounds like you all had a fun and exciting time in spite of the weather. Your chicken did look delicious. Your family photo is awesome. One to be cherished. Well I'm gonna go check out your etsy shop. I'm glad to e-meet you:)