Friday, July 23, 2010

Fabric dyeing, and Ava's shiner

I dyed a large batch of Warm and Natural today.  After that was done I started on the osnaburg and muslin.
There are some things that I would rather dye w/tan rit than coffee stain.   I'm going to make white pumpkins and snowmen out of the warm and natural.  The muslin and osnaburg just came along for the dip.  I will be using them for many other projects.  I like using the tan dyed muslin for my dolly bodies.  It can still be spritzed w/coffee stain for added grunge if need be. It was the perfect hot sunny day today to hang them on the line.

As I mentioned in the Title, my Granddaughter Ava has a Shiner.  She fell off the sofa and hit her head on the coffee table.  Ouch!  The poor little Gal is so sweet and dainty looking, but really rough and tumble.  Gotta keep close watch on that one! I'm happy it didn't happen on my watch. LOL...
She's helping Mom-Mom stuff witch bodies in the pictures.


  1. Oh I am just cringing at the thought of the story of her shiner! ouchie!!

  2. Reminds me SO much of my Jaci, at that age...always something!

    LOVE the clothes line picture!