Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Adoption Anniversary Charley

I know this may seem corny, but I adopted Charley Kitty from the ASPCA 3 years ago.  I'm an advocate for adopting pets that need homes.  He's been a blessing to my household.  We adore Charley, King Charles, Charles, Chuck.  The poor little boy answers to all of his names.  Please support your local shelter.


  1. Great post, Pat...every animal deserves that second chance at a loving home! Happy Anniversary, King Charles!

  2. Isn't he handsome! Happy anniversary Charley Kitty! One of ours just celebrated his one year anniversary last month. :)

  3. All my cats are adopted but mine were all abandoned cats that found a safe place here and stayed. As soon as I can tame them I get them to the vet..I currently have 4 that I still can't touch but someday..............

  4. Pat, your so right about adopting those animals.
    They make such wonderful pets. King Charles looks like a happy cat.