Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thanks to Christine for the wonderful award.

I want to thank Christine from Preferably Prim for this wonderful blog award. Christine lives in Irelad and has the most beautiful pictures posted on her blog.  Please pay her a visit. 
I'm not going to pass it on, because I could never pick only 15 blogs.  You all have the best blogs.
I'm so flattered to be picked.  Sorry about not passing it on!! I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
I will tell 7 things about myself:
1. I can ride a unicycle, or at least I could! LOL...(I am 53 for crying out loud!)
2. I collect Hummels.
3. I collect Spode Christmas tree china.
4. I own and live on my very own lake in Southern N.J.,  (small, but a lake).
5. I'm addicted to the Food Network.
6. I'm thankful to be ALIVE after two major health scares within 16 months.
7. I love everything Christmas!!
Thanks Christine!!!


  1. It's so sweet of you to take part! It's been great fun finding out about everyone in their 7 facts. I totally understand about sharing the award with everyone and struggled with that too!
    Thanks for joining in - you deserve the award and have a lovely blog!

  2. A UNICYCLE?!!!!! How cool is that? Congrats on the award, sweet Pat.

  3. Well deserved and I bet you could still rock the Unicycle!!! And look FABULOUS doing it!!!

  4. Congratulations on this wonderful award!

    ((hugs)) Gert

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