Thursday, November 17, 2011

My new creation that's off the norm.

I just had to do something new..  I've been blessed with a zillion etsy orders, but have the need to do something new and out of the norm.
My daughter Kate and I spent the evening burning our fingers making this sheet music wreath.  It's far from done, but I'm loving it!
I was inspired by Miss Mustard Seed's blog.  She has the best tutorials.(Not that I follow directions!) LOL...

It's still sitting on the floor. Needs to be glued etc.  It turned out so much bigger than I  thought it would.
I hope Hubby doesn't stomp on it early tomorrow morning!
I'll post the finished wreath.  In the meantime, I need to hunt for more sheet music.
Today, I did my Grandmother duty, and went to Grace's Kindergarten recital at the local Senors center.  I was blessed to see my 92 year old grandmother there, along with some of my Mother's old friends.
They were all so happy to see Grace and all the little kindergarten children perform. 
Grace and her classmates were dressed as Indians and sang to all the elderly at the Senior center.(Was I one of the seniors?) UGH!!! 
  They passed out Thanksgiving favors that they made to all that attended.  I gotta  love Life's simple pleasures!!


  1. Lovin' your wreath too. I'm so happy that your grandmother got to go, I bet she had lots of fun!

  2. Wow, I just love that wreath and your blog. I am following your blog now. And the little ones look so cute. I bet everyone had a fun time.:)
    I have just started a blog. If you would like to check it out that would be great. The url is: Since it is new I have a lot to do on it. I do like how is looks so far. I will have items to sell on there too. And just some fun posts. Again, love your blog. Take care, Janet

  3. It's funny - great minds must really think alike...I was over at a friend's house this past Monday (, and she was making a "half" one of these, from sheet music, too! So pretty, Pat - and speaking of pretty, Grace gets more grown up with each day - she is beautiful, grandma!