Sunday, November 20, 2011

The finished wreath

I've seen these beautiful sheet music wreaths all over blog land.  I had to make one. In the last post I showed the partially finished wreath.  It's now complete.
The wreath is a monster!! LOL.. I'm not sure where to hang it yet. I think a wall space will be best. It's almost as big as the door!  I really like the different colors of the music.
I'm spending the weekend doing major cleaning.  I like the house sparkling clean before I put up the Christmas decorations.  I want to get them up early this year, then sit back and enjoy.
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. I'll be taking time off to spend a few days with loved ones


  1. it is did a wonderful job.;) have a great sunday.;)

  2. I love the different colors too, Pat...beautiful job!

  3. I've seen these at the craftshows. Your's came out so pretty. Love the different shades of music sheets. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Pat.

    The other Pat

  4. Love the wreath Pat! I am like you and want to clean before decorating so I will be doing the same. I am ready to decorate!! Enjoy taking time off and Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. WOW! THAT IS AMAZING! Glad I stopped by. I was wondering what it was going to look like when you were finished. WOW! Also glad that I have signed on to follow this blog. :) Take care

  6. Oh my gosh this is beautiful!! You did an maxing job! Was it difficult?

    Blessings & have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    xoxo Gert

  7. Thanks everyone!
    Gert, It was very easy. My daughter Kate and I watched T.V. while rolling the sheet music. I then hot glued it all around a cardboard circle in three layers. It was fun to make something for me for a change. Kate wants to make more. I need to find some more sheet music first.

  8. cool wreath....I've been cleaning also...only seems right. The house feels so fresh now and ready for decorating but we wait until after Thanksgiving....right now, getting the turkey thawed out, bread cubes dried, etc. and in a day or two pies!