Saturday, April 30, 2011

Congrats Debbie at Debbies DoDads!

Debbie won the flower ornies I donated to the PAFA giveaway.  Congratulations Debbie!

My Father is home and recovering.  We had to rush him to the ER yesterday.  He couldn't breathe. He's back home and doing much better.  
I'm still staying with my Parents.  It's quite stressful.
 I'm thankful for my wonderful Hubby, and dear Children for all their support.  I couldn't have done this with out them!
I need to change out this Easter Template!!! LOL....
I hope to be back to sewing and posting fun stuff soon.


  1. Hi Pat - am SO glad to see this post and know that your Dad is still hanging in well as you! "Stuff" going on in my life recently (though NOTHING that compares to what you are going through) that's kept me from group. I've been thinking of you daily...XOXOXOXOXO Tanya

  2. glad to hear that your dad is back home and doing much better..:)

  3. Pat,

    Let's hope that your dad makes a speedy recovery from this point on and that you can get back to sewing away. Take care.


  4. Happy to hear your father is back home. I will continue to pray for all of you.