Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I've been so busy w/ the Elderly Parents, but wanted to post some fun family stuff.

My MIL had hip replacement surgery last week, and is a big Handfull!
I had a nice weekend  celebrating my Son, Jared's 29th B-day.  Friday, we went out on the town to Philly for Dinner.  I had his Birthday Dinner at home on Sunday.  He has to have the easy, peasy cheesecake, (Philadelphia 3 step cheesecake) for his Birthday cake. I don't mind, It's EASY!!

We have a family tradition of singing  Happy Birthday as loud,  and off key as possible! Newbies, don't know what to think.  Little Ava, held by her Mom, My Daughter, Erin, just loves it, and was clapping, and singing.

Later that night, Ava took a ride on Auntie Kate's Back. Notice the Stuffing Box? LOL...

The next day, my Darling Daughter came home with this!!! Just what I needed was another Critter in the house.

Have a happy week everyone!! I hope to post some craft creations soon.  I keep making the same things over and over, filling orders.  I want badly to finish something NEW!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh - I had guinea pigs when I was growing up - they are so sweet!

    Looks like you had a pretty wonderful weekend, Pat!

  2. Aw! Guinea pigs are darling and they make such cute little sounds......
    Loving the cheesecake idea. My son prefers blueberry muffins for his birthday. Men can be so weird....

  3. Pat,

    The hubs and I had a guinea pig before we got married. He was cool...would squeak and squeal when he heard me open the refrigerator door...knew he was getting a treat.


  4. I like the fact that Jared would be easy to please....who can mess up a Jello cheesecake...LOL! Well....other than myself I mean. Can hardly wait to see more of your creations....YAY!!