Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My new boots.

Good morning.  I've been very busy this last week.  When I think about it, I'm very busy all the time!
I had my annual visit to Wills Eye hospital in Philadelphia last Monday.  I have an extremely rare thing-a- ma jig on my retina that has to be followed.  Today I took my father for cataract surgery.  He goes back next week for the other eye.  That makes three eye Dr. visits in 3 weeks.
I'm getting very excited about my soon to be bathroom expansion.  We are going from a 45 sq. ft full bath to 130 sq. ft. Life is backwards.  I needed the big bath and all the other house renovations we've done when the 4 kids were all at home.  We didn't have the time or money then.
It's been fun picking out new fixtures and stuff.  It looks like a claw foot tub is in the plan.  How cool is that??  I'll have to post pictures of the construction, when it starts.
On to my post title.

 My father gave me this pair of boots that my  mother bought while antiquing 30+ years ago.  I can't imagine how narrow the ladies feet were back in the day!  UGH,  they would hurt.  I wear a size seven and my feet are much too wide to fit in these.  Don't they look a bit Witchy?  I plan on putting them on top of an old trunk in my spare bedroom.  The old top hat would look nice next to them.


  1. What great boots! I am just amazed, like you, at how small EVERYTHING was back then...I have a pair of antique gloves that I can't even BEGIN to get my hand in! We are just monsters compared to them, evidently! Hope all the eye appts. go well...Happy week, Pat! XOXO

  2. Love the boots! And I agree, with them being narrow. I always wondered how they got their feet into these things.
    A claw foot tub, How exciting! Those are sooo Beautiful. I would Love a bigger bathroom.
    I hope you post pictures when your bathroom is done. I would love to see the tub. Enjoy your day