Thursday, September 1, 2011

Christmas crafting is taking the back burner again.

I thought I would be well into making Christmas by now.  There's plenty of things cut out!
Then, the pumpkin orders started, and haven't stopped.  I think I have two more sets in me. I really want to move on. LOL.
Next I wanted to show you the sweet gingerbread that I made with a free pattern by Sandy over at
The olde country cupboard. 
They look so real!! I just love them.  I think they will be hanging all over my prim christmas tree this year.


  1. Your pumpkins are Bootiful! They would look so good sitting on a shelf. Nice job on the gingerbread men. You are right they do look real. I think your tree will look great adorned with them.
    Have a wonderful day Pat.

  2. I love those pumpkins, almost order one for myself!! Gingerbread are my favorite and they decorate my kitchen all year long!
    Have a great holiday weekend Pat!


  3. love everything you are making especially those punkins.;)I giggle everytime I see Charley the thread cutter..that photo is priceless.;)