Thursday, August 25, 2011

Say a prayer for us on the East Coast.

I live in South Jersey.  One hour from Ocean City, Atlantic City etc.  They are being evacuated.
This Hurricane storm is serious.  I'm scared to death. Please pray for the people on the East coast. We've had thunderstorms and rain all day.  Measuring 13" of rain in Aug. so far.  The land is saturated.  The hurricane storm winds and rain are expected to uproot trees and power lines.
We were lucky enough to purchase a generator today. I hope we don't need it. We are spending the next two days getting ready and supplies in. 
I sewed my butt off today, so I'll have handwork/stuffing to do.  You can't take the crafter outta me!!


  1. Stay safe, my friend...prayers coming your way that it dies out before it gets to you. Like you needed this on top of everything else recently.

  2. Sending prayers! Stay safe, hoping it dies out or changes course and heads to sea!!

  3. Been praying for all my east coast family and friends , blog friend included! Keeping watch on the Weather Channel. Everyone needs to take these warnings seriously. Praying it will go further out to sea.

    Be safe,

  4. Stay Safe Pat! Will pray that you, family and all others are safe from this storm. I like that your keeping busy stuffing during the storm. :) Better to keep busy right? Take care and let us know how your doing if you can.

  5. Thougths and Prayers for everyone on the East
    Coast, I know you are worried an concern but
    know others care...Praying it move out to sea
    away from the shore lines...
    Keeps update how you are doing...