Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What has more holes, the salt shaker or the pepper?

I want you opinion and view on this subject.   I bought a vintage S & P shaker set on eEsy.  They match my McCoy nesting bowls and canister set that I have on my kitchen counter.  One has two holes,  and one has three.  The holes are the same size. What goes in what? 
I googled the subject and  found that history and opinions vary.  I always thought it was cut and dry.  Emily Post doesn't have an answer.  I'm shocked!  Lenox says the salt goes in the one with more holes.
Give me your opinion, then I'll post what I did and why.  LOL..
I do have some dollies finished finally, I'll get them posted soon.


  1. Salt goes in the one with more holes. Hubby says the same and that's what my family has always done too. (mom, gram, great-gram, etc)

    I rarely use S&P shakers. I don't like pepper and I don't care for added salt. :)

  2. This is a touchy subject in my house. Much conflict. I feel salt goes in the one with more holes. Dh feels pepper should go in the one with more holes. Of course, I am always right. LOL The way I look at it, you often add more salt to food then you do pepper.

  3. I think a little pepper goes a lonnnnnnnnng way, so that might be why the pepper is always in the one with the fewer holes. Good luck with this, Pat - fill em' both with salt and surprise everyone! Hope your week is wonderful - Tanya

  4. To show my ignorance...I have NEVER noticed a difference:(

    I thought you were joking at first :)

    Nice poll idea and I peeked at your Etsy do really nice work and you get lots of hits:) hope you get great sales too.

  5. I believe the salt has more holes... Good idea for a poll..

  6. Pat, I say the salt get more holes but I really have no ideal either. Can't wait to see your new dolls.

  7. Salt goes in the shaker with more holes and pepper goes in the one with less but with today's dietary restrictions maybe salt should go in the one with less holes so that you use less! It will be interesting to see what you did and your reason.

  8. Pat,

    Salt goes in the one with more holes, pepper less. We rarely use salt here...on steak, corn on the cob or garden fresh tomatoes are really the only times I use it and since I can't have corn or tomatoes right now.


  9. I would leave them empty. Or take a good medical tape and cover all but 1 hole on the inside of each cap. I have my salt and pepper in little crocks with a tiny spoon. I add what we need during the cooking process. And, yes, I have lots of S & P's and none of them have actual S & P in them.

  10. We have had this very same discussion throughout our family with no consensus lol!Back in the day, salt was a valuable commodity(He's worth his weight in salt) so I always assumed it went in the shaker with fewer holes but what do I know? We love out salt n pepper here!

  11. Salt definitely goes in the shaker with the most holes. Pepper is used sparingly thus it goes in the shaker with less holes. Just my opinion but I know I'm right! :)

  12. Thanks so much for the comments.
    All the opinions make sense.
    I'm still researching. I never thought this subject would be so interesting! LOL..

  13. I thought this would be an easy one to figure out. I would just check my shakers & see what they said. After checking six different pairs that all had the same number of holes, I found two more pair that didn't have the same number. But guess what? The first six pairs all had S or P wrote on them and the other two didn't have. So I guess it is up to the person who fills them! LOL


  14. I did some research on the subject.
    It's a matter of taste. Traditionally salt has more holes since it was easy to come by. Pepper had to be imported from far away, so the fewer holes helped to conserve.
    To complicated the matter, hole sizes can vary. Usually the salt will have larger holes, while the finer grain of pepper requiers a smaller hole.
    I'm very health conscious, and don't salt my food at the table. I do use plenty of pepper from a pepper grinder.
    The S & P shakers by my stove are filled so the salt comes out faster for cooking.
    The shakers that I use for formal dinners are filled the opposite way so my family and guests won't over do on the salt. My Parents always grab the shaker before even tasting their food. That drives me crazy!
    I do cook with salt, but am careful. Food would taste horrible w/out it.

  15. I would say salt goes in the one with more holes.. but I love pepper so either way would work for me. What a fun poll you started.. love ya